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Oral Surgery

Dentist in Voorhees & Millville, NJ

dentist in voorhees and millville new jersey

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The goal of oral surgery is to improve the health, function, and appearance of your smile. To explore your treatment options, please book an appointment with our dentist in Voorhees and Millville, NJ.

In the meantime, please feel free to click on any of the links below to learn more about a specific service we offer. To schedule an appointment, please call one of our Solid Rock Dental locations or book a time online.

Tooth Extractions

Safeguard your oral health and wellness! We understand that surgical tooth extraction can be scary. Rest assured, Dr. Li will ensure you’re numb and comfortable during dental extraction. You may need surgical dental extraction if you have impacted wisdom teeth, broken teeth, infected teeth, or curved roots.
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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Calling us is a smart move. By having your wisdom teeth extracted, you’re taking proactive steps to prevent potential complications such as pain, infection, and damage to surrounding teeth. Candidates often don’t have enough space in the jaws to accommodate wisdom teeth. They may also experience painful, crowded teeth.
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Cyst Removal

Protect the health of your smile! By removing the cyst, patients can experience relief from pain and discomfort, improving their overall quality of life. Small cysts often go unnoticed until detected with routine X-rays. Although some patients may experience swelling, tooth sensitivity, or tooth displacement.
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Gum Disease Treatment Dentist Near Voorhees And Millville