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Dental Bridges

Dentist in Voorhees & Millville, NJ

dentist in voorhees and millville new jersey

Replace missing teeth in two visits.

Our dentist in Voorhees and Millville, NJ, is accepting new patients. Book an appointment with us and discover the benefits of dental bridge treatment.


Replace a missing tooth in only two visits to our office. Perfect for patients who have experienced tooth loss.


You may be a candidate for a dental bridge if you have a missing tooth with natural teeth and/or implants on both sides.

What to Expect During Dental Bridge Treatment

A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth that’s held in place by crowns on natural teeth and/or implants. A traditional dental bridge may be a good option for patients who have natural teeth on both sides of the gap that would benefit from dental crown treatment. If you have three missing teeth in a row, Dr. Li may recommend an implant-supported dental bridge.

In general, the dental bridge procedure takes two trips to our office. During your first appointment, Dr. Li will either prep your adjacent teeth to receive the crowns or place the dental implants. To protect your oral health in the meantime, Dr. Li will place temporary crowns over prepared teeth or implant posts. When you arrive for your second visit, we’ll place the permanent dental bridge and ensure it has a natural, comfortable fit.

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Your Trusted Choice for Dental Bridges

Have you experienced tooth loss? The good news is that you don’t have to handle it alone. Dr. Li would be more than happy to help you explore your tooth replacement options so you can make an informed decision for your smile. He’ll also be able to determine whether you’d benefit from the traditional dental bridge procedure or an implant-supported bridge.

Dentist in Voorhees and Millville NJ
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Meet Dr. Fuming Li

Dentist in
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Over 30 Years of Clinical Experience

Dr. Li is proud to serve as your local dentist in Millville and Voorhees, NJ. He offers a full range of services in addition to porcelain bridges and is looking forward to meeting you!