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Oral Cancer Screenings

Dentist in Voorhees & Millville, NJ

dentist in voorhees and millville new jersey

Oral Cancer Screening Dentist Millville Nj

Detect oral cancer in its early stages.

Our dentist in Voorhees and Millville, NJ, is accepting new patients. Book an appointment with us and discover the benefits of routine oral cancer screenings.


An oral cancer screening allows us to detect abnormalities early so you can get the treatment you need as soon as possible.


Everyone is a candidate for oral cancer screenings. Adults with a history of oral cancer, heavy alcohol use, and tobacco use will especially benefit.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

While our dentist will conduct an oral cancer screening once or twice per year, there are certain symptoms that you can look for on your own.

Contact our office if you experience any of the following:

  • Red or white ulcers that won’t heal
  • Growing lumps or lesions
  • Unusual bleeding
  • Thickening oral tissues
  • Shifting teeth

If you notice any of the above symptoms, please contact Solid Rock Dental as soon as possible to schedule an appointment with Dr. Li.

Oral Cancer Screening Dentist Near Me
Oral Cancer Screening Dentist Voorhees And Millville Nj

Your Trusted Choice for Oral Cancer Screenings

According to the American Cancer Society, over 58,000 people will get oral or throat cancer this year. Of those 58,000, an estimated 12,000 people will die of these cancers. Oral cancer is usually treatable if caught and diagnosed early. That’s why we recommend seeing our dentist in Voorhees and Millville, NJ, on a regular basis and getting your routine oral cancer screenings.

While oral cancer can affect anyone, certain patients are at a higher risk for developing the disease.

The following factors increase your risk for oral cancer:

  • Alcoholism
  • Previous diagnosis of oral cancer
  • Persistent sun exposure
  • Tobacco use, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and snuff

When it comes to preventing and overcoming oral cancer, proactive screenings are a critical step. Schedule your oral cancer screening today!

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Meet Dr. Fuming Li

Dentist in Voorhees & Millville, NJ

Over 30 Years of Clinical Experience

Dr. Li is proud to serve as your local dentist in Millville and Voorhees, NJ. He offers a full range of services in addition to oral cancer screenings and is looking forward to meeting you!